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New Abs Workout For Women

Abs workout for women is only a part of a total workout. To really show off your abs you need to look good all over. But, to get those great abs that make your friends jealous here are four easy to do, but tough on abs exercises.

In my opinion, all you really need to get your whole body ripped is a set of dumbbells, a stability ball and your own bodyweight. You do not need a gym load of equipment to build strength and look good.

abs workout for women

Today we are going to talk about four exercises and all you need is your own bodyweight. The four exercises are:

1. Stability ball crunches

2. Leg rises

3. Leg scissors

4. Reverse Crunch

Stability Ball Crunches

The stability ball is great, because it supports your back and you use more muscle to keep the ball still. When you first use a stability ball you will wonder where the name comes from, you will feel anything but stable. But, with a little practice you will get the hang of it and it is great for the midsection of the body.

To do a crunch on a ball, lay across the ball with the small of your back on the ball. Now you tighten your abs workout for women and raise your shoulders, reaching towards your knees with your arms. Only raise your shoulders slightly and lower, keeping the abs tight.

Start with as many reps as you can comfortably do and work up to 20 reps. Then you can add another set of 20 reps. It will take you awhile to work up to that many reps so, don’t push it.

abs workout for women

Leg Rises

Lay flat on your back on the floor, legs straight. It is best to use a mat to support your body. Place your hands, palms down, under your butt to support your back. Now slowly raise your legs 12 inches off the floor and lower until your feet are about 1 inch off the floor. That is one rep.

These are tough, so just do five or six reps in the beginning. Once you reach 10 to 12 reps, rest for 1 minute and complete another set. This exercise will work on that little tummy bulge below the belt that everyone wants to get lose.

Leg Scissors

Another lower ab and inner thigh exercise is the leg scissors. While in the same starting position as above bring the legs up until the bottom of your feet are towards the ceiling. Next, spread the legs straight to the sides, as far as you can comfortable go, and return to the legs straight towards the ceiling.

That is one rep. Work towards 10 reps and start another set.

Reverse Crunch

The last exercise is the reverse crunch. This is rather tough, but will bring great results.

Begin the exercise with the feet pointing towards the ceiling as in the leg scissors exercise. Lift the butt off the floor, legs still pointing towards the ceiling. Return to the beginning position. This is one rep. Start with 6 reps, if you can, and build to 10. Again, when this becomes easy start another rep.

The above four exercises will provide a great abs workout for women, and guys too.

Standing Abs Workout For Women

Get Results

For a woman to overcome challenges she has to be focused. It involves following all the rules of losing weight. A woman has to cut out sugar, fat and salt from her diet. She should eat five to six meals a day with a fair amount of lean protein and a good balance of foods form all the food groups.

As for exercising the best abs workout for woman are similar to a mans. She should workout aerobically three times a week with alternating days focused on strength training. She should include exercises that work the whole core area, such as crunches and the plank.

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