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Metabolic Diet

Frustrated dieters complain that they gain more weight and can’t move an ounce despite their devout dedication. What these poor people don’t know is that extreme calorie restrictions (starvation) increases their body’s efforts to store any and all calories. Combat this pit hole with a metabolic diet and make that difference to end all that frustration.

The Metabolic Diet: What Is It?

The metabolic diet is designed for individual metabolism rates. What is good for John may not be good for you. According to scientific research there is no one perfect diet for every individual but there types of metabolic rates that require specific diets. The study goes to assert that there are three types of metabolism that affect metabolic rate – the protein types, the carbo types, and the mixed types.

Metabolic Diet Ice Cream

A protein metabolic diet is the ideal for individuals who are always hungry and crave salty and fatty foods. This type of diet won’t work for people who have weak appetites or the carb types. The carbo types are usually those crave caffeine and sweets. The mixed types have cravings for both fatty/ salty foods as well as the sweets; they usually have no trouble managing their weights but in return are prone to fatigue, nervousness, and excessive anxiety.

Once you know your metabolism type, it is easy for you to plan your metabolic diet and count the calories you need to lose/consume daily. You read it right. You still need those calories to succeed with your lose-weight diet. Without sufficient calories in your body, you cannot perform normal tasks without getting tired easily. However, you need to reduce your usual intake of calories if you are having more calories than required by your height and age.

Ironically, a metabolic diet is all about eating food with the calories your body can metabolize easily while you sweat out those unwanted inches on your belly, butt, arms, and thighs. It is therefore an advantage knowing the metabolic diet for your metabolism type assures you of success in your dieting efforts.

Protein Types

A diet rich in fats and oil, and protein, and high-purine proteins from chicken or beef liver, will boost the metabolic rate of the protein types.

Carb Types

The carb types should always slow down on protein, oils, and fats but have more carbohydrates or starchy foods. Good sources are whole grains, fruits, corn, beans, pasta, nuts, and lentils. Mixed types are indeed luckier because they can eat a combination of protein and carbohydrate metabolic diets. They can enjoy high purine proteins, i.e. meat and organ meat. Eggs, cheese, yogurt, nuts, and tofu are low purine protein and they can also enjoy these.

As a precaution, the mixed types must eat these foods from the two different metabolic diets in equal proportions to prevent their bodies from storing more fat. If you’re unsure about your metabolic rate, have a professional assess you before your go on a metabolic diet that is if you want to lose weight successfully.

Metabolic Diet Salad

Don’t Skip Breakfast:

Try to pursue these important measures if you are on a fast metabolism diet to lose weight. First important thing, you must not skip breakfast because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have you notice that most people who tend to skip breakfast is heavier, than the ones that have it regularly? You can have like a boil egg, some cereal with milk, some fruits or an omelet for breakfast to start your day… it is a fact that your metabolism is much faster in the morning and we tend to burn the breakfast even faster. Eating breakfast will help you to avoid binging during other meals.

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Eat More That 3 Meals A Day:

Most importantly, the secret to boost up a fast metabolism and lose weight is by eating frequently but smaller meals during the day. In order to do that you can make a meal plan that includes 5 to 6 small meals daily. One advice through, be sure that you have a salad and a fruit serving before each meal.

A Rich Fiber Diet:

Actually, you must load yourself on fiber because fiber rich foods are a great metabolism booster that will improve your digestive health that burns the fat out of the body. Did you know that your body stores fat and make you feel full even longer?

Metabolic Diet Workout

Rest And Exercise:

By indulging yourself into an exercise routine every morning for about 45 minutes to an hour is one of the best ways to help you lose the weight. If you follow a fast metabolism diet, doing some exercise and also getting your 8 hours sleep is also helpful when trying to lose weight.